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TuskBond XPRO  Adhesive 500 ml
TuskBond XPRO Adhesive 500 ml
Price ex VAT: £6.85 500 ml

Great value spray contact adhesive.

The course web pattern of this spray is ideal for quick application of adhesive to a large surface where the fine spray of Spray/Display Mount isn't required. 

TuskBond XPRO uses the latest solvent technology to make an adhesive that rivals Tensorgrip in terms of performance but is lower toxicity and non - chlorinated, a win -win.

Also available in a 22 L Tank for covering large areas. 

Great for permanent bonds with high initial bond.
Fast Drying
Web Spray Pattern

Suitable for: Wood, Metals, Rubber, Fabric, Cardboard, Polythene, Concrete, Laminates, Most Plastics. 

Not for use with Vinyls containing large amounts of plasticiser as it can migrate over time.


Meets specification of BS 476: Part 7: 1997 Class 1 Fire Rating 

SAFT Heat Tested 100C

Coverage: ~ 2.5 m2

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