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Flints Very Black Paint 1 L
Flints Very Black Paint 1 L
Price ex VAT: £35.00 1 L

There is an arms race it seems with creating the deepest, blackest paint and although late to the party we have a new contender!

And unlike some makers of black paint, we won’t be keeping it to ourselves...

Unlike Flints Theatre Black, which is finely balanced to consider durability, colour, finish & price, Flints VERY Black focuses on depth of colour with an ultra matt finish to make a paint that leaves all the other black paints we stock looking grey.

This impressive finish comes at a cost however; it marks incredibly easily with finger prints and scuffs.

This can be mitigated by adding a protective water based glaze but appearance and finish will be affected.

Designed to be used straight out of the tub without dilution; apply 3 coats minimum for most impressive finish.

Call us for larger quantities.

  • Water-based.
  • Perfect for creating a ‘void’ space
  • Great for outlining
  • Not for use on floors or touch points

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