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Jesmonite Acrylic Gloss Sealer 1kg
Jesmonite Acrylic Gloss Sealer 1kg
Price ex VAT: £22.35 1 kg

All new gloss version of the popular Jesmonite Clear Acrylic Sealer.

For use with all Jesmonite systems, AC100, AC300 & AC730

Use 2 coats for best results, can be brushed, rollered or sprayed.

Dilute first coat 10 - 50% with water, can be overcoated once first layer is touch dry but not completely dry.

As with many sealers/glazes lots of thin layers are preferable to one thick coat.

Can be tinted with water based pigments

Acrylic Sealer should be be re applied after 6-10 years to maintain durability.


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