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Composta Block 850 x 560 x 67 mm
Composta Block 850 x 560 x 67 mm
Price ex VAT: £59.00 Sheet

Biodegradable, recyclable, compostable polystyrene alternative!

Composta BlockTM is made from expanded PLA [Poly-Lactic Acid], a renewable polymer derived from the biomass from plants, such as Corn & Sugarcane.

The easiest switch – just carve using the same tools you normally use!

The density of this material is halfway between standard EPS [Polystyrene] & Modelfoam, which allows for greater detail when carving. It can be cut successfully with a hot wire, but because of the higher density smooth cuts can only be achieved at a higher temperature which produces more smoke than would be seen in EPS. The smoke produced has a sweet, burnt sugar, smell, and we advise working in a well-ventilated area and wearing appropriate PPE. Carving at lower temperatures reduces avoids the smoke point, but takes a lot longer, so we would recommend carving primarily with knives, wire brushes, surforms / cheese graters, or kebab knives, as good details can still be achieved.

In its molten form, the Composta BlockTM is very sticky and sets to a hard brittle plastic so cut edges can be a little sharp.

Fully compostable, the Composta BlockTM naturally biodegrades in the presence of bacteria & living organisms, especially when subjected to the right composting environment. At ambient temperatures it can be used in practically every scenario that you could use EPS, without affecting the performance.

Composta BlockTM can be coated and glued similarly to EPS, with added solvent resistance thus offering more coating options including the option to use polyester resins directly on to the surface of the Composta BlockTM without skimming it first [though of course this is not the most environmentally friendly option – why not look at our Scenic Structural Paper instead?]

  • Fully Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Recyclable
  • From a Renewable Source.
  • Carbon Neutral

Flame Retardancy: EN 11925-2:2002, Euro class E 


Hot Compost only; fully composted in 90 days at 60o domestically in a Hot Bin [insulated composter] or industrial composting methods.  

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