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Dekozell - Creative 1.9 kg Bag
Dekozell - Creative 1.9 kg Bag
Price ex VAT: £68.50 1.9 kg bag

Dekozell Creative comes highly recommended from customers across Theatre as well as Film & TV as a sustainable texture coating.

Used to create textures of all kinds, brickwork, rust, bark, moss or even fine weathering on paintwork

Dekozell Creative is made of 100% cellulose fibres, modified to be ultra lightweight and fine grade, these fibres are a by-product of wood fibre production only using wood from sustainable sources.

To use simply mix with water, and colour using pigments/paint! That simple.

The best way we could think of describing how it sticks to surfaces so well without anything other water is when at school you would soak toilet paper with water and throw it at the ceiling. As it dried it would stick fast and would become a permanent fixture of any school toilet. Not that anyone at Flints has ever done that.

Quantities can vary as it is a versatile texturing medium, but a 1.9kg bag is enough to be mixed with 16L of water which can then be tinted with pigment (waterbased liquid or dry pigments premixed into a paste) or around 1 Litre of standard emulsion (less for pure colour scenic paints.)

Can be brushed, rollered sprayed with hopper gun or applied using a trowel

When dry, textured surface can also be re worked by wetting the surface at anytime.

Adding PVA into the mixture increases the texture's durability and once dry will be fixed into place, also helps with binding mixture when trowelling on. Other aggregates can also be added to mixture but this will effect ability to spray, testing would be required.

Drying Time depends on thickness applied and temperature, 1 mm thick would generally dry naturally in a day and 3 days for up to 5mm. Use of fans/dehumidifiers/heat guns will speed up drying times.


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