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Viking Arm
Viking Arm
Price ex VAT: £149.00 Each

New for 2023, The Viking Arm!

This powerful squeeze trigger jack is great for sliding under scenery and effortlessly lifting it off the ground. Ideal for the installation of castors or tricky repair jobs where you might need to pry two pieces of set apart.

To use, simply squeeze the trigger and the plate will begin to lift, we were very impressed by the ease at which these jacks lift very heavy weights with no strain at all. To release, tap one of two levers at the rear of the trigger handle, one will release very gradually & the other will allow for full release.


Made from Stainless Steel/Hardened Carbon Steel/Aluminium. 

Lifts: from 7 to 215mm. 

Base Size: 105 x 87mm (6 mm thick plate)

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