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Large Sheet Worbla's® Finest  Art
Large Sheet Worbla's® Finest Art
Price ex VAT: £23.75 Per Sheet

The Worbla® brand of thermoplastics are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Available for purchase from our London Shop, or to buy online. Worldwide delivery available.

A sheet form thermoplastic made from renewable natural raw materials including some wood.

Worbla’s® Finest Art shares many characteristics with Wonderflex 3 but if you need a product that is thin with only a slight grain then choose Worbla’s® Finest Art. Easy to cut with scissors or a heat knife, it can also be cut using a laser producing very fine detail, and can be softened by using a hairdryer, hot water, steam, or a heat gun.

Stays workable for a couple of minutes. It can be reheated to a limited extent to continue to mould into shape. No toxins are released. When it cools it will be rigid.

While its thinness has advantages it can crack or split and should be backed by Rigid Foam Sheets or Fine Cell Polystrene if you want a more robust structure.

Any scraps can be reheated, put together and used like putty. It has one glue side which will stick to itself to create a double layer. When heated it can be stretched to create curves so is excellent for chest plates or armour. It is also possible to shape it over a mould.

Worbla’s® Finest Art can be sanded and painted.


Colour: Natural, woody
Opacity: Opaque
Large Sheet Dimensions: 1000 mm x 750 mm