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Wonderflex 3™ - per whole sheet (Off White)
Wonderflex 3™ - per whole sheet (Off White)
Price ex VAT: £58.00 Full sheet

Wonderflex 3™ is a light but tough heat activated formable composite sheet material which can be moulded to any shape by applying moderate heat [70-80°C].

  • After heating you have 1 - 2 minutes of open time
  • Off-white finish accepts most scenic paints and textures
  • Free form or mould over an object [use foil or release agent to stop sticking]
  • Sculpt with a tongue depressor or flat screwdriver
  • If you are not happy with the shape just re-heat and re-shape
  • Providing your joints are neat, Wonderflex will hold water
  • A clean and timesaving props material which is ideal for making masks and costume props.


    This Sheet Size: 43" x 55" (1092 mm x 1397 mm) 
    Also available in a half sheet: 27.5" x 43" (698 mm x 1092 mm)

    A hot air gun [500-1,000 W] is the usual tool but ovens, microwaves and hot water can also be used.

    When hot, the adhesive activates so it will stick to itself but not to your fingers, allowing extra shapes or additional thickness to be easily achieved.

    The patented material is easy to cut with scissors or utility snips, and the off-cuts can be saved for future projects.

    Once formed into a shape it becomes very stiff and strong, however the material can be reworked by re-applying heat.